I would recommend Andrea's program to anyone, and I do! I have loved this past month and it has been amazing to see the differences in myself, not just physically, but mentally as well! This is a program that is actually doable for people with real lives! The workouts are killer and best of all they are quick so I can move on to all the rest of the things I have to get done. I felt like this was a great and safe place to be introduced to macro counting and get my feet wet in figuring out it out. Andrea's food guide is great and she has so many great tips and information on macro counting. If you are even thinking about doing her challenge - DO IT!! You won't regret it!


I loved mommyfitwithandrea’s 30 day challenge! Before I joined I was looking for something or someone to teach me portion control. I noticed that overeating was one of the biggest reasons I wasn’t seeing results at the gym. I was familiar with the term “counting macros” but I didn’t really know what it was. I was the heaviest weight I have ever been, despite being moderately active, and was starting to become really self conscious.. I felt sluggish and wanted to make a change. I wasn’t as strict as I had hoped to be during the challenge, life and starting a new job often got in my way. But this challenge was definitely a success! I learned how to successfully measure out and log the macros in my meals. I tried dozens of new “macro dense” recipes and loved almost all of them! I learned new workouts and ways to strengthen my body that didn’t involve more than 45 minutes at the gym. This was not a diet for me, it’s going to be a new way of life!!


I would 100% recommend this program for anyone. I have learned so much in the 30 days of the challenge. I knew nothing about macros and with the help of Andrea I now understand them and know how they play a part in my nutrition. Andrea has given me the tools to continue on in my journey to health and fitness that will just become a way of life for me. I love the workouts and have seen how they are transforming my body as well as making me stronger. It’s amazing how just 30 days of diligence and hard work can change and transform your body. 


I would recommend Andrea's 30 Day Challenge to anyone! It has helped me mentally, emotionally and physically. Before her challenge I did not really know what kind of foods I should be eating and the type of exercising I needed to loose weight, gain muscle and get toned. Since Andrea's challenge, I have learned all of those things and more. I love how real and down to earth Andrea is. She is always there to answer questions or any concerns that I had. I can't wait to continue her workouts next month and stay on my journey of becoming a happier, healthier version of me.


I started this challenge after basically being pregnant or having a newborn for the last 6 years. I have 5 kids under the age of 6 with my youngest being 8 mo old. With her being my last baby, I decided it was time to get myself back in shape... I’ve never really had to watch what I ate and never really had a problem getting my baby weight off, but I just felt out of energy and jiggly all the time. With HER workouts and learning about macros, I’ve seen a huge jump in my energy, all without feeling like I’m “dieting”. I still get to eat what I want, all within reason. The workouts have all been fairly simple (but still totally kicked my butt!!) and could easily be done in my home with my kids running around. I loved not having to “think” about my workouts for the day, as they were already laid out for me! Thank you Andrea for these programs and all your help! I’ll definitely be back for more!


A friend told me about this challenge & how much she’s loved it. I was so scared about trying this out but I knew I needed something to help me out of the rut I was in. Plus, for sixty dollars? You can’t go wrong. I figured if I could spend $60 on a pair of leggings I can spend it on getting my health together. I needed motivation & accountability & consistency. This was such a great challenge! With a coach to help answer your questions, providing food recommendations, workouts, recipes, inspirational post or podcast was great! It helped me so much. It gave me just what I needed. It’s not a diet fad asking you to spend hundreds of dollars. It’s just knowledge, accountability, motivation, inspiration, dedication & doing work in the gym/home :)


I was always super athletic and fit in high school. Once I got to college I slowly stopped working out and eating whatever I wanted. By the time I was in my fourth year of college working on a masters degree and working full time I had stopped working out completely. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery and was put on a lot of hormone medications that caused me to gain more weight than ever before. After that I decided I had had enough and signed up for the January challenge. After just one challenge I was hooked and have been back ever since! Andrea’s challenges have been life changing to me! I never thought I could get to the point where I am living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle after I hadn’t lived that way for so long but here I am! I have so much more confidence in myself. I feel better and have so much more energy! I owe all of this to you and your amazing program! I could never thank you enough!


This was such a great challenge and Im so happy I did it! I’ve learned so much about myself and what my body is capable of doing! I also learned so much about nutrition and how important it is to not over eat! I was able to see how much self discipline I have and I have never been so proud of myself. I’m so so thankful that I had such a great coach like Andrea to push me and inspire me every day! 


Number one take away from this challenge is that I CAN DO HARD THINGS. I feel like that sounds SO cliche, but I really mean it. It was never easy to wake up early on low sleep to exercise, never easy to finish the dang burpees, never easy to count EVERY SINGLE THING I ATE, etc, etc. But as I took it one day at a time, I felt my mental, physical, emotional strength  getting stronger every day. Every time I took the hard way around and did it correctly, I was so glad and felt so accomplished because of it. In the past I would just loosely count, and therefore loosely get results. But this time I took the challenge seriously and truthfully feel like I can do anything now! 

BEST CHALLENGE EVER! I gained so many skills that will become part of my health and fitness lifestyle. These skills are ones that are REALISTIC. I loved how hands on Andrea is with the challenge. She provides great accountability, motivation and amazing advice! She knows exactly what she is doing! If you have any sort of fitness/health goals, she is the place to start! Amazing price for the quality of challenge and information that you get :) 


It completely changed my life! I always thought I had to starve myself to find success in losing weight and as a new mom I didn’t think I could ever workout at home and actually get in a good workout which is definitely not true! Doing this challenge has completely changed my life! I used to starve myself and do hours of cardio when I wanted to lose weight. Then I did this challenge and I realized that I can get results (and better results!) with Andrea as my guide! She was with me the whole way, guiding me through how to count macros and push myself beyond the limits my mind had set.

-Nia A

It taught me that everything is about mind over matter. Don't quit just because something is hard. 

Working out 6 DAYS A WEEK. Like holy smokes. Never thought that would ever happen in my life time. I literally did EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT. This was an incredible, motivating month and I am SO happy with my results! As someone who hasn't ever really loved working out, my opinion has totally changed. I have more energy and confidence. Andrea is wonderful, thoughtful, and cares about her clients and what works for them as individuals. I felt challenged, and now feel so strong!


Not only did I lose weight and inches but I gained so much confidence in myself. I want to dress up now because I’m more comfortable in clothes. I know I can do hard things so I want to take up hobbies and talents that I’ve left by the wayside because I didn’t feel good enough at them. I know now that I can choose not to eat the extra ice cream or I can do one more rep. My body feels stronger which makes my mind feel stronger. And overall makes me happier. 


This challenge was a GAME CHANGER for me. I have tried sooo many different diets to try to be and feel healthier but I always deprive myself of something. I love how macros are a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet. I feel like I have toned up a ton!!! My confidence has also increased! And it’s nice knowing that this time it’s not temporary because this lifestyle is doable. I ABSolutely loved this challenge! I have been recommending it to everyone I know lately. This is the first time that I have ever been this motivated to keep going even after the challenge is over. I usually can do really good during the challenge but when it is over my motivation dwindles. Not this time though! I feel just as pumped as the day I started!